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Мэшпит в Солигорске с Минской командой

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Здравствуйте! На выходных Солигорская и Минская команды JazzTeam провели java mashpit.

Идея отображена тут

Shortly speaking idea was to implement an internet resource allowing to play a step-by-step game. Every situation at this game describes a real life situation, and a person chooses result of every situation. Every choice changes some skills of the player in the certain area. Game could contains several area like it>java plus psychology>team psychology. Also there is a community involved into producing situations for the game. Thus this approach could help people to share experience in different areas. And this means this is not a game for IT but real world educational simulator which could be used for different areas. For sure situation could contain just some technical programming tests. Game has the test run mode as well.

Логотип продукта

В двух словах на русском – платформа для создания пошаговых онлайновых стратегий и систем накопления опыта, интегрированных с профессиональными сообществами, называется GuruDev

В самом низу поста вы сможете найти все картинки с этого события, а пока – по порядку самые важные вехи мэшпита (который длился в общей сложности 15 часов).

Mashpit tools :)

Mashpit Ideas BrainStorm

Mashpit Product BrainStorm

Создание модели (model driven development)

Выбор того, что будет учтено в движке игры. Переход от мозгового штурма к выбранным use cases и сущностям продукта

Стек технологий

DB Model (check larger version below in the galery)

Security Model

Пример сториборда

Photoshop design

Mashpit Plan

Справа – Use Case диаграмма, слева – таблица переходов

Rules, expension points архитектура

В поисках названия и логотипа – кстати, выбрали название GuruDev – Guru Development, и также на санкрите – учитель (внутренний и внешний)

Кто-что делает, проценты выполнения

Что дальше?

Что дальше?

В целом – что мы успели сделать:
– полностью создана модель (включая программирование)
– полностью созданы сториборды, дизайн в фотошопе, на 50% сделан html/css/js дизайн
– создана модель базы данных
– созданы и спрограммированы концепции rule and security management
– подключены spring, struts, hibernate, tiles
– созданы два проекта GuruDevModel и GuruDevWeb

Все исходники лежат в открытом доступе по ссылочке на sourceforge репозитории команды.

Огромное спасибо всем участникам mashpit – Косте Слисенко, Диме aka Noxt, Андрею Тихомирову, Ивану Савенку, Алексею Пашкевичу, Анастасии Ясючене ( Ребята, вы лучшие!

Сотрудничество с бизнес-инкубатором БГУИР

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Сегодня отписал предполагаемые темы выступлений руководителю бизнес-инкубатора, Мелещенко Александру Александровичу.

– Особенности работы в гос. предприятии. Как быть счастливым на государственном предприятии.
– Карьерный рост: работа в большой корпорации. Как рости, в какую сторону расти, зачем расти?
– Роли в современных компаниях: от студента и junior к менеджеру и техническому директору
– Особенности, виды организации управления проектами в современных IT компаниях. Почему это должно влиять на ваш выбор
– Каково это работать на удалёнке. Рецепты с передовой
– Саморазвитие и ваш рост в компании. Методики, советы, insights
– Почему карьерный рост не всегда означает счастье
– Как научиться не бояться покинуть компанию. Инь-янь уходов
– Всегда ли деньги означают удовлетворение

#wudby > world usability day 2010, Minsk

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Hi, all!

Yesterday I took a part as a listener of #wudby That was a fun, and especially for me as I won 3 prices for the 3 best questions. I would provide some technical feedback and overview of the conference below too. Now – see some pictures of my prices and questions from my side to speakers which are covered as well.

Speakers which decided to make me a winner are: Yuri Shilyaev, Pavel Konoplitskiy and Vjacheslav Kosjrev (Epam Systems company, a person which was my first Java Script trainer 8-9 years ago).

Questions were:
1) to Slave Kosjrev: which variant do you think is better for porting from web (browsers) to mobile environment – own applications under different platforms (android, iphone etc) or own mobile web site. Slava chosen second variant as there are two much gaps between HTML (Mobile Profile) interpretations from the side of different devices and mobile browsers.

2) second one to Yuri was on the following. We discussed several approaches in organizing teams. First one was to have to parallel teams, and second in having agile and scrum inside teams allowing UI designer (and usability specialist as well) to be deeply integrated into a team, what could provide better understanding of each other and decreases cliche between UI and developers. Yuri said that it depends on the situation, and in general as I understood he is for separation. The interesting thing about that is friend of mine to which I proposed a cooperation in the terms of JazzTeam company sent to me a mind map also with departments, but my attitude is quite different. If to say about Open Source, and about Scrum, then we must say about team-based separation. That is true Agile, and that is great to allow designer and usability specialist to be ob the board of a project for the whole life-time of this project. In that case there won’t be a situation which was described by Yuri when UI manager is paid for the piece of work and do not want to continue working hard at project. Allow your UI designer to be a part of Scrum team. But for sure, this option is not appropriate for the big companies like Epam.

3) third question came to Pavel, and it was on th percentage of time Usability specific activities take at Europe and Russia, and Belarus. Pasha was saying about something like 10% percent at Russia and even more percent at Europe/USA as ideal solution. Also Pasha said that this is only his personal thoughts as he had not have this information before conference. But my be Pasha would check this out later.

Just a kitty by #solit crew

Prorotyping by Rosenfield, covers Vision, Axure, Paper etc, rather actual stuff as I was sending some thoughts to universe to get some info on that

All the prizes together. T-shirt from facebook. Facebook, thank you!

USB-connector, nice stuff, I was thinking to buy similar one when doing JazzTeam Kiev session, but just decided not do that. And you see – Universe always answers positively :)

A program of conference could be found here

1) Pasha @badlittleduck and @usability_by said something about prototyping stancils which could be found at for something like 1$. And that these money goes for pets. During this speaking I was thinking about the following usability areas which are not covered yet at all:
– usability at open source (Open Source UX)
– tools configuration UX
– Open Source developers flows UX
I am crazy with that ideas and I am ready to provide some clues on the conferences.

Also Pasha said to my question, that he is thinking about studying some “services based usability”, like logistics tasks in metro, on the street etc. I think Pasha knows this relates to math, and that is interesting if Pasha is involved into that math. That could be said about Math based UX, right guys?

In general I like Pasha for his style of speaking, and behaving. Very open minded, contr-burocratic, I would say “user friendly”. Cool!

2) Artem Yancevich talked about simplicity at the projects, and nice question to him was about left-handers and android smartphones.

Artem also talked about paved paths, and why builders do not do paths basing on common sense. My answer according to Republic of Belarus is corruption and don’t-care style of living.

3) Third one was from Oleg Zibrov and was about guides. In one sentence I would say the following: if you have a huge code base and practical experience you could do something advanced without any “fu***ng” guides. That is all about this.

4) Slava was my favorite speakers, and I had a chance just to see what Slave does in his usual working life. He is really expert and I like him as a human. Slava’s presnetation contains lots of useful examples related to HTML 5 Mobile Profile and I would recommend to download it from official conference site. That was on viewports and about CSS 3 media-querying. If to say simply for Javers media-querying is analog of xpath for xml, but that stuff also allows you to create logical statements and assign to them some CSS styles. Using this approach you could do some DHTMLing without using JS at all – for example when your Android changes position e.g. to landscape and something changes. I am sure there are appropriate JS events still this is funny and must to have in mind. In general this is a speaker providing the most valuable content. Respect, Slava!

5) Genadz Dragun talked on World of Tanks. The only questions I had are – if the sources of game client open sourced? And which language/technologies used to create the game. Is it possible to provide some overview on that – like mind map for newcommers?

6) I really liked Vadim Skrotskii presentation for the very expressive and persuasive speaking style. Great presentation. And more then great discussion with the people. Strong guy. Only question is if UI designer or usability specialist would think about money and business – won’t it harm creativity and cleanness of their art work (like energy which is put into art work, if the subject is money and business – then which kind of energy would be brought to this art).

7) Yury Shiljaev is covered above, what to say more. Very funny, human being presentation from the employee of my former Epam Systems company. This guy is a manager, and I believe has outstanding experience.

Finishing this post I would thank all the guys which were involved into organization of the conference! Nice to have such events in Belarus. But I have some critics and that is a lack of technically strong presentations. Only Slava was a good one there (for sure in my opinion). Also very often at the conferences seems to be speakers think about all the people in the whole but not about professionals, but I believe if there are 300 students and 10 profis, then presentation MUST be interesting for profis.

Your Dzmitry

#geek Классные новости для понимающих

Thursday, November 18th, 2010
Разгадан способ общения растений между собой
Растения могут передать сигналы друг другу при помощи сетей симбиотических грибов. Такой грибной “интернет” они используют для предупреждения о нападении врагов: болезнетворных микробов и растительноядных животных.
Ученые скрестили робота и мозг: движениями колесной платформы по беспроводной связи управляет комок нервных клеток крысы, плавающий в питательном растворе. Совершенная фантастика.
Предложена гипотеза, объясняющая механизм синхронизации биоритмов в организме
Выбор брачного партнера у животных зависит от бактерий
У мух, развивавшихся в течение нескольких поколений на разных питательных средах, меняются брачные предпочтения: они начинают предпочитать партнеров, чьи предки жили на такой же среде. До сих пор было неясно, по каким признакам мухи отличают «своих» от «чужих». Оказалось, что ключевую роль в этом играют бактерии, развивающиеся в кишечнике мух при разной диете: мухи выбирают партнеров со сходной бактериальной флорой.
Японцы создали демона Максвелла
Страничка гена, ответственного за циркадные циклы

Фото из пустыни

Monday, November 15th, 2010

От моего изральского друга

Потянуло на девайсы

Monday, November 15th, 2010
Машинка для удаления катышков с одежды

Работает на двух батарейках типа АА. Всё черное внутри, которое вы видите – это катышки с моей кофты. Никогда бы не подумал, что такие машинки существуют, ан нет, есть.

Надёжные прищепки-захваты для пакетов

Пример работы

Осветительная лампа от USB

Удобно работать дома ночью, когда нет возможности уйти в другую комнату, и рядом кто-то спит, или в поезде, когда опять таки, свет выключили. Даёт неяркий достаточно ровный свет. Рекомендую.

Год вместе с моей девочкой

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Это мы сделали вместе за вечер!

А это, как мы это делали