This is Magazine style post.

This blog is moved towards another senses and another feeling then it was devoted firstly, when created. So are you welcome – first english and what more magazinf style post. Just lots of funny pictures-impressions from my life. As well as some thoughts in belarussian language.

Great news is new mailing list basing on services has started, and 4 posts are done. The main aim of this list and activities is to show to you my situation of self improvement inside. In the way how it is really looks like. I am not a master, I am not a guru. And I have strongly logical and mathematical type of thinking. I have intuition and ability to understand what is worth of studying, and what – not. Also there are insights of self improvements which would help in your studying of self-exploring. The list is called “Self-development. Exploring of your self. Look on the inside.” and it means that I won’t teach you, still would provide some pushing ideas. Just to show. Just to push. For consious life. But it is a pitty – the list is in Russian language – here you are able to study deliveries which I have already done If you like them – at the top of blog you could find subscription form. Just put your email, and here we are! At now this subscription has 52 friends, and this is just a beginning! You are welcome! Just forgot. What is great in this subscription – friends of mine – Tanya Putyatina – tooks part in it, and that is great, as she biologisy and psychologist. We together would try to create a world of creativity and harmony there. To help and show you a way. Which way – I do not really know. But I believe it exists!

Funny-happy car

One more time – this is invitation and recommendation to everyone to use services provided by Tanya

The world of linux – kiev’s metro

Me two years ago. Young actually as at now. Happy. Believing in self concuois state :)

That is called in Russian as “The could of histrionics covered this guys. 2008, Bonn.”

I like this photo.

People from the former USSR would understand me. For foreigners – just imagine USSR well known, famous (for sure with very questionable popularity) prison.

Bonn. 2008. A girl with yellow nose :) I find this really funny!


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